Margaret McDermott Bridges (IH30)



The Trinity River Corridor Project will reintroduce a natural, vibrant recreational area promoting city infrastructure and further unify riverfront districts. The creation of lakes, shores and forest trails will reinvigorate the riverfront area as a whole and encourage district enhancement. These enhancements, coupled with the introduction of the iconic Margaret McDermott Bridges which provide efficient transit crossings for both pedestrians and cyclists, are essential to the strength of the project. Access was a major design consideration in the development of these bridges. Our design ethos integrates all groups, be they walking enthusiasts, elderly persons, wheelchair bound persons, parents with strollers or cyclists, by providing them all with the same access points and routes. Safe movement across the bridges coexists for both pedestrians and cyclists by utilizing curbs to delineate specific purpose pathways, as well as lighting to visually support the separation without compromising the ethos.


2011 -


Dallas City Secretary
1500 Marilla St
Dallas, TX 75201