Kuwait Pavilion



This design was a response to a commission from a nation that had become the center of international events, but on the other hand possessed a culture that was little known. Accordingly, the pavilion had to make a singular gesture, which not only would represent Kuwait but also would serve as an international symbol. The two-story structure is a raised, covered piazza defined by two curvilinear end walls. The surface of the piazza has a gentle barrel shape and is glazed with laminated structural glass panels superimposed with a thin layer of translucent marble. The piazza is approached by a terrace of steps along each side, conforming to the camber of the glazed surface. Narrow, curving stairs follow the exterior shape of each end wall down to the lower area: an enclosed exhibition space accessed through aerofoil-sectioned revolving doors.


1991 - 1992


La Isla de La Cartuja