Located in the Central Chinese Province of Hubei, the Huashan Bridges Will Facilitate Cars, Pedestrians and Cyclists across the City’s Newly-Constructed Yangtze River Canal.

The architect claimed the form was inspired by the Harp of David, also known as the Kinnor Harp providing a new symbol for the holy city.

Awarded by the European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies and the Chicago Athenaeum architecture museum, the prize recognizes innovative designers across the continent for their contributions to the architectural heritage and history of Europe.

A celebration honoring the architect was held at Seven World Trade Center in New York City

10 years since Calatrava’s pioneering 57-story skyscraper opened in the Swedish city of Malmö, CTBUH recognizes the Turning Torso as a world landmark for its contribution to urban design.

An abstraction of the human figure, Turning Torso continuously rotates 90 degrees as it grows in height like a torso spinning on its spine.

The European Prize for Architecture is given every year to a singular European architect who has "emblazoned a path to a more humane and intellectual direction in architecture today."

According to the Board of Directors of the New York Council of SARA, "The new WTC Transportation Hub project resolves a myriad of design challenges".

Watch the interview above to learn how Calatrava sees the intersection of art and architecture. 

Florida Polytechnic University’s 162,000-Square-Foot Innovation, Science and Technology Building Awarded Publication’s Top Designation

The final piece of the first of two steel arches that will make up the Margaret McDermott Bridge was raised into place early Saturday morning.